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Personal efficiency in business

"For a human there is nothing better, more rewarding and more supportive than using the own abilities of 100 per cent… or to grow along the way" - Prof. Peter Nieschmidt

The performances of individuals, teams and ultimately of all organizations are at their best when people feel their ideal work conditions are met and their interests, gifts and talents are optimally challenged and encouraged.

I see my contribution as a trainer and coach as a supporting people who are in the process of improving their competence at work. Depending on the requirements of their areas of ​​responsibility, people have different needs and goals for improvement. Improving work competence usually involves an extension of work related methodology, social competence and self-reflection.

Specific offers can be found in my range of services as a trainer, and through my coaching service.

I see my contribution as a consultant as support for organizations and managers. I’d like to help them to hone their basic conditions for employee performance in a way that produces the best possible results for the company.
Specific offers can be found in my range of services as a consultant.