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Coaching Rooms in the Brandhofgasse 7 building

As a coach, I support people. Coaching is mainly about evolution, complexity reduction, more job satisfaction, higher performance, goal orientation and competence enhancement.
Coaching is an intensive and highly individual development process. In order for this process to succeed, several essential factors need to be in place: a good relationship between the coach and client, mutual trust, and a clear coaching contract.
To help assess whether the coaching process is useful, consistent, and appropriate for you, I offer a free, no-obligation initial appointment during which we can get to know each other and come to a mutual agreement.
Coaching is also available in English and will take place either in our coaching space on Brandhofgasse 7 or at a discreet location of your choice, eg offered in your office or in a meeting room at your company.

Possible Coaching Topics ...

More suggestions for coaching offers or topics can also be found in my list of seminars.

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