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As a consultant, I support individuals, teams and organizations. I see counseling as a service to you and as a developmental partnership for everyone involved.

My priority is to define our objectives and goals together and visualize the benefits derived there from. To reach this goal, there will be a detailed task clarification phase in the consulting contract. Settlement will be transparent, process and goal-oriented, and in close coordination with the client’s needs. If necessary, experts from my network will be integrated into the consulting project. A detailed final-reflection and ( if necessary) evaluation, and a collection of “Lessons Learned" marks the end of the consulting assignment.

Consulting is also offered in English.

Areas of Consultation:

Holistic personnel and management development

Support during the whole personnel development process, from the involvement of employees through training planning with EU funding, up to the establishment of a management development system:

Personal efficiency in business, healthy working

Process Guidance and Moderation

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