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How & What?

As a corporate developer, I see myself as a companion in the development of people, systems and organizations.

Using sound methods and effective tools, I keep the company's goals and specific needs in the foreground without neglecting fundamental values ​​such as sustainability, health, human interests and cost efficiency.

The satisfaction of my customers and clients is very important to me. If you are not satisfied with my services, you will only be charged what you are willing to pay for them, no ifs, ands, or buts!

My Services at a Glance

Consultation As a consultant, I specialize in holistic personnel and management development, healthier work environments, personal effectiveness, and process monitoring and moderation.

Training …as your trainer I will accompany you in the areas of: leadership, personal development, healthy working, and efficient methods. Details can be found here ...

Coaching ... my coaching service focuses on "leadership", "efficient and healthy working" and "personal development". Read more here ...

Specials ... This is in reference to large groups and event moderation, TED-voting and a few other special topics. Read more here ...

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