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Wolfgang Eder

Wolfgang Eder ...

... landed in Salzburg in 1970 and spent some time as an HTL engineer. In those days he believed in computers and determinism. He studied some telematics, business administration and psychology. Now he lives Graz and believes in people.

Has taken many leadership training and intuition training courses and is a trained systemic organizational developer. He spends a lot of time continuing his education in the fields he is interested in, from subjects like team development to systematic constellation work.

Is a management consultant and university lecturer as well as an executive trainer and coach. He enjoyed several years as the head of the Austrian branch of a Swiss consulting agency and has still not had enough chocolate. Afterwards he spent two years as a staff developer and internal consultant in the automotive industry.

He loves the mountains, cats, vegetarian food, Qi-Gong and keyboard instruments of any kind.

Motto: " Life is what happens to us while we are busy making other plans " - John Lennon

As an entrepreneur, I am dependent on the support of an efficient team. These are the people who work by my side to serve you.